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Omega Locksmith is a family owned & operated lock and key company in Edmonton, Alberta delivering an array of residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services. We are experts in dealing with all lock brands and models.Right from new lock installation to replacing the existing ones and extracting the broken keys to programming the lock remotes, we are your one-stop choice for almost any locksmith service.We are equipped with the latest auto lock & key technology to satisfy the needs of our customers.

With the expertise of our Edmonton based mobile locksmiths, we offer high quality lockout services and on-site lock repairs at a fair price. To help you deal with a car lockout or lost keys, we provide 24/7 emergency lock repair and replacement services to homes, businesses and vehicles.

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Omega Car Locksmith in Calgary Alberta - 04/11/2019

Auto Locksmith Calgary Near Me?

Are you searching for reliable auto locksmith services in Calgary, Alberta? Omega Locksmith is here with its highly professional staff to offer you out-class, quick, and best auto locksmith services.

We offer a range of car locksmith services to cover all your car security needs. Are you locked out of a car? Do you need car key replacement services? Call us for a premium car locksmith Calgary service.

Get Fastest 24/7 Emergency Repairs At Best Rates.

Call Us: 780-577-1764

Our skilled technicians and engineers get at your place; they are equipped with sophisticated software and the latest technology. It helps them to address your lockout problem promptly and skilfully. At Omega Locksmith, we focus on offering the fastest boot lockout service. We have a professional locksmith team, so you can count on in your time of need.

Omega Locksmith is affordable, accessible, and friendly auto locksmith service providers!

Roadside Locksmith Service Calgary Alberta

Are you looking for 24/7 emergency repairs for your vehicle? Luckily, you’ve found the industry’s experts and now no need to go elsewhere. With years of extensive experience, our technicians know to avoid further hassle. No problem if you’ve been in an accident and your vehicle locks are jammed. Even don’t need to worry if you have locked your little ones in a car, and now can’t get them out. You also don’t need to panic if you have lost your car keys, all you need is to get in touch with us, and we’ll fix everything for you.

We are your roadside auto locksmith specialists who are 24/7 ready to assist you with auto locksmith problems. We know issues usually hits in most unexpected times, but why worry when the professionals are 24hrs available for you?

Our Locksmith Services

Mentioned below are some of our locksmith services Calgary Alberta.

       * Locked out of a car.

       * Key replacement.

       * Car door lock repair.

       * Car key programming.

       * Recoding Car Ignition.

       * Broken or jammed ignition key removal.

       * Ignition replacement.

       * Car security system installation.

       * A damaged or jammed lock, and much more.

Let our expert auto locksmith technicians do their job and use their experience to repair the issues.

Omega Locksmith Best Services

Car Lockout Solutions:
Getting locked out of the car is the most annoying event that can happen to anyone. Luckily, this happens quite often that there are various ways to remedy this situation. Call our experts, and they will help you.

They will fix the issue and might be able to pick the lockout of the door, depending on where the keys were left. When the problems get solved, you must have a car key replacement made. That’s why hiring a reliable company in case of emergencies is a must.

Omega Locksmith can reach you with a couple of minutes to help you out. Our professional technicians have got you covered across Calgary, Alberta.

Boot Lockout Service:

Book lockouts is a situation in which you lock your keys in a boot. It’s an infrequent and unexpected event that can result in an interruption in your daily routine. Many times people try to fix their problem with local knowledge and of course half-knowledge of anything can be dangerous. The best solution in this event is to call our fast and affordable car locksmiths to open the boot.
Our technicians will cooperate with you and try their best to solve the issue as soon as possible. If the boot does not has a lock, they will pick ignition so that they can get electricity in your vehicle to push the automatic boot release button.

A lot of automobiles have a route for the boot to be opened with a power switch. However, if these don’t work efficiently, let our technicians fix your problem.

Omega Locksmith is the most trusted and experienced emergency repairs company in Calgary, Alberta.

Duplicate Car Keys:

It is always a good idea to have one or more spare keys made for your car. Sometimes when you least expect it, these could help you through a difficult situation. In case you have lost or misplaced the original key.

Undoubtedly, it’s always a wise step to have one or more spare automobile keys made for your vehicle. Sometimes, when you least expect it, these spare keys could be Gennie in the hour of need. You can get remotes, car keys, or mechanical access keys to open car doors.

Door Lock Replacement:

Cannot unlock your car due to rusting or jammed lock? What to do? It’s time to replace your old jamming door lock system completely. Yes, our experts know how to fix the issues with knowledge. They can fix internal parts of your auto-lock itself. But sometimes it would become necessary to replace the entire lock if it’s faulty or is jammed.

Get our car locksmith Calgary services at affordable rates.

24h Automotive Locksmith Services in Edmonton Alberta - 07/10/2019

Auto Locksmith Services in Edmonton Alberta: Get 24/7 Locksmith Services

Are you locked out of car? Not a problem. Emergency Repairs by Best Auto Locksmith Company.

Are you dealing with the automotive problem? No issue, we are here with you. Formerly, any car key issue has always to be dealt with by your official dealership. But firstly, there would ask you to get the car to the dealer office, and secondly the cost involved would be more than you estimated. It’ll cost you a lot. 

So what’s the solution?

Get the 24/7 Emergency Repairs or Auto Locksmith Services

Now you can avoid any stress involved with the automotive problem and the cost involved by providing the full auto-locksmith service. Yes, we can deal with any auto locksmith problem as we have up-to-date locking repairing tools, and of course the skills. 

Car Key Replacement Service

Replacing car keys is far simpler than ever before. Yes, you have got me, right! We can understand how much it could be frustrating in dealing with key misplace. Gone are the days when you have to go to the dealers, now we are here with you to provide you with the car key replacement services.

Broken Keys: Best Auto Locksmith Services

Breaking keys isn’t easy! It can be a serious challenge, especially when you are away from a dealership at late night or you cannot even access your car’s interior. But worry no more, our skilled locksmith is 24/7 here to help you with dealing with any broken key issue. Our competitive team is quite adept at extracting car keys without damaging your car locking system. Our team of experts often unjam locks easily and quickly enables you to get access to your car. So no worry if locked out of car, the professionals are here to help you.

Lost Keys:

Losing any key could be a lot troubling, but you don’t need to panic if you do lose your car keys. Because the experts are here for you. No problem if you don’t have a key, our expert locksmiths can easily access to existing databases and generate a new key system. Yes, you have heard it right!

Our auto locksmith team can help you get unique keys for your car, which can be cut and programmed at your location. They are skilled and trained to access your car’s immobilizer system to edit or even delete old keys for lost keys. So no need to panic even if you have lost your keys, because who comes into possession of your old car key can’t access your car. We can perform all these tasks even at roadside and test newly generated and cut keys in front of customers. 

Boot Lockout

Boot lockout usually not happens, but when happens can be nerve-wracking. It’s a problem that locks your keys in the boot. Usually, people try to solve this problem by their self-knowledge but could result in severe damage. The best solution is to call the auto locksmith experts who can solve this problem with perfection. Yes, we offer professional and extremely reliable solutions in terms of emergency concerning your car. 

How Our Professionals Handle A Car Boot Lockout Problem?

Well, our experts are well-trained with all the needed tools to solve this problem of boot lockout. Firstly, they try to manually pick the lock to gain access into the client’s car and then physically unlock the boot or take the car’s back seat down. However, if the boot does not has a lock, they will pick the ignition so that they get electricity in the auto to push the automatic boot release button. 

Many vehicles have the option for the boot to open with a lever or even a power switch. So if all these don’t work, our skilled technicians will find another solution to help you.

  24/7 Emergency Repairs

Get the 24/7 Emergency Auto Locksmith Services By Certified Experts.

Are you looking for 24/7 emergency locksmith repair services? Well, we are here for you to meet all your needs. Whether for your house, office, or automobile, we have all how-know of tools and know-how to get a job done on time. So no problem at wherever your vehicle’s locking system has got out of order; let the experts do their job. 

If you find locked out of car, call our 24/7 emergency locksmith services for a fast response. Yes, our emergency locksmith services are the best, and we believe we no one can do better than us.

Our Lock Services

Automotive Locksmith

Omega Locksmith is dedicated to provide high quality automotive lock services to almost every type of vehicle.

Residential Locksmith

We are licensed and insured to replace your existing or worn out door locks with brand new ones.

Commercial Locksmith

We secure your business by installing, replacing, repairing, & programming keyless locks.


We have a team of automotive locksmiths who are licensed, certified and insured to carry lock repairs.


Our skilled lock technicians offer highly reliable & dependable lock services in Edmonton & suburbs.


No matter, you called us for same day service or emergency key replacement, our prices are affordable.


Our auto lock experts are experienced & trained to carry out simple to complex lock replacements.

Auto Locksmith Edmonton

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24/7 Lockout Assistance & Key Replacement

With a commitment to keeping you safe on and off the road, Omega Locksmith offers a myriad of mobile locksmith services in Edmonton & surroundings. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week to serve the our clients with a prompt and efficient lock installation for digital and keyless systems.

  • Quick response to all calls
  • Repairs all makes & models
  • No extra or hidden charges
  • 100% customer satisfaction

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