4 Ways To Proofing Your Car For Break-Ins

4 Ways To Proofing Your Car For Break-Ins

With the summers knocking right at your doorstep, it’s time to prepare your home against the unwanted break-ins. Though there is no ideal way of protecting a car from being burgled, a homeowner can follow several steps to enhance the security of his vehicle. Whether you own a two-wheeler or a luxury car, locking the car doors and ignition can do wonders by reducing the risk of auto theft. Some of the other measures include:

  • Avoid placing costly products or shopping items in the back seat of the car. Most of the break-ins take place when an intruder notices some costly items placed in the car. In order to steal them, the culprits break into your vehicle.
  • Make use of the car trunk to store the shopping items. It acts as a cover and protects your items from being visible to the thieves. Almost all car thieves are well aware of the purpose of car’s trunk and try to unlock it to access the stored items. To prevent them from stealing anything, install a high quality car trunk lock.
  • If you own a luxury car with a sunroof, don’t forget to shut it down before parking your vehicle in the public parking space or even in homes. If left open, a car thief can jump into the car through the open sunroof and may drive it away.
  • When you are locking your vehicle, click the lock button on the remote twice or thrice and listen for the beep sound. Also, double check by pulling the doors to make sure whether they are locked or not.

So, these are some tips that are helpful in restoring the security of your vehicle when parked outside the home. If you are looking for a licensed auto locksmith in Edmonton, call our lock technicians at Omega Locksmith for 24/7 emergency lock services.

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