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Car Key Lost?

Don’t have any spare, and your car key is lost? No worries, you have come to the right place, Automotive Locksmith Edmonton can solve your problem. We are here to replace all your key types for any vehicle model. Whether your car key lost or car key stolen, we can replace them. We will let you know all about car key making, how much time it will take, and whether you can have new keys without having original ones from Auto locksmith Edmonton.  

The best and the most efficient way to replace car keys lost is to use Automotive locksmith Edmonton as we are experts in restoring the car key stolen or car key lost.

An Auto Locksmith Edmonton can help you with spare keys; whether you want remote car key programming or car key cutting, we are here to assist you in all troubles. 

Information To Collect Before Contacting Car Locksmith Edmonton

Prepare the following before you contact Car Locksmith Edmonton, vehicle model, registration number, vehicle identification number, personal identification, and postcode where you want the Auto Locksmith Edmonton to post the keys. 

Type Of Car Key Lost

There are two broad categories of car keys:

Remote car keys

  • Remote fob comprising of keys- This remote unlocks and turns off the alarm, and then the key is used.
  • Remote fob with an integrated key- Such remote unlocks the doors, switches off the alarm and then the key is used for ignition
  • Remote fob with the keyless system- Keyless cars have hidden mechanical keys within the fob for emergencies to unlock doors.

Non-remote car keys

  • Non-remote keys with central locking
  • Non-remote keys with control functions

What Is The Cost Of The Car Key Made?

The cost for car key lost or car key was stolen replacement varies from as low as $95-$650 depending on the following factors:

  • Type of keys
  • Vehicle model

We recommend getting your quote over the phone from Automotive locksmith Edmonton in your locality and getting yourself a cheaper locksmith near you rather than visiting a vehicle dealer. 

What If My Only Car Key Lost?

It doesn’t matter as car key making is the art of auto locksmith Edmonton. You can get the car key making done with reprogramming or replacement that matches your vehicle. The old key is then deprogrammed in case the car key stolen.  

How Long Does It Take For Car Key Made?

The processing time for key making by auto locksmith Edmonton depends on the following:

  • Key type
  • Car model
  • In-stock/ availability of the keys

 Automotive locksmith Edmonton is fast, and they have a wide range of blank keys to replace the car key stolen or car key lost. Auto locksmith Edmonton tries to return your keys within a day so that you don’t need to face any problems. 

Is Car Key Making Possible If The Original Car Key Lost?

An automotive locksmith Edmonton can replace the original keys. They only need the identification of your vehicles, which is done by vehicle number present in the logbook. You are only asked for proof of vehicle identification.  

Can Insurance Cover Car Key Lost?

Some insurance companies do cover it in their policy of stolen and lost car keys. However, it’s only offered as additional add-ons when the plan is upgraded. You need to get the details for claiming the insurance company. Otherwise, Auto locksmith Edmonton can help you with the replacement of the car key lost. 

Is Car Key Making Possible If The Car Key Stolen?

Yes! Automotive locksmith Edmonton can prevent the stolen keys from being used. They can reprogram your vehicle and deprogram the stolen car keys. Auto locksmith can also reconfigure the locks and ignition depending on the vehicle age and model. 

Types Of Keys Replaced By Automotive Locksmith Edmonton:

All types of vehicle keys except the German car keys cannot be replaced at Omega Locksmith. We can replace the keys for all vehicles, including motorbikes, motorcycles, motor scooters, trucks, caravan, or van.

Omega Automotive locksmith Edmonton is the easiest solution provider if you have lost your keys. We offer our services 24/7 in case of emergencies so that you can get a car key made immediately. The cost of car key making depends on the vehicle model, year, and manufacturing. It also depends on whether you lost your original keys.  

If you are in trouble, let us know. Our professional and expert locksmiths will handle the task and replace your car keys. You can also get an additional spare key so that next time your car key is lost, you have an extra key to stay calm. In case of emergency, call us now at Edmonton 780-577-1764 for trusted Automotive locksmith Edmonton services. 

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