Top 5 Methods To Maintain Your Door Locks

Use 4 Smart Tips To Avoid Losing Your Car Keys Again & AgainDoor locks need maintenance so that they can safeguard your home. Mostly, door locks defect due to its low quality, poor installation or improper maintenance. As a result, your house gets burgled. This is why the property owners are suggested to keep the door locks maintained so that you can feel secure.

No lock stay for a lifelong as it is a mechanism which can get the problem in its functionality and may fail to protect you. So, check your door locks regularly as well as use the below tips to keep it in working condition for as long as possible.

  • Check The Door
    A lock works correctly, only if the doorway is installed accurately. A door which sags, warps and binds will need many strains on the lock and bolt which results in lock failure. Pay attention to your door condition.
  • Inspect Door Components
    You must inspect and ensure that your door strike plates and screws should be mounted correctly. It prevents from forced entry techniques of the burglars. While checking the door, make sure the plate to the deadbolt should be fastened to the wall framing via long screws.
  • Check The Deadbolt
    The deadbolt should function adequately and freely when you shut the door. You should not use your force to push, pull or lift the doorway to lock it. If It is not working automatically, then you should consider to repair it.
  • Clean Your Door Locks
    For the exterior maintenance of you lock, you can use the mild detergent to wash and moist rug. Remember, the overuse of chemical cleanser onto a lock and petroleum-based products may harm it. You can use the protective coating on many bolts that work better.
  • Monthly Lubrication
    Make sure to spray the lubricant to the key-way of the door lock. Then, insert the key and move it many times so that it can spread in the locks easily. It prevents your locks from getting rusted. Use only good quality lubricants.

Follow these tips to make your lock in working condition for a longer time. If you are getting any problem, then you can consult with Omega Locksmith. We have a team of reliable, affordable and full-service lock technicians.

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