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Your Ignition Doesn’t Turn?

Have you ever faced this trouble that your ignition doesn’t turn? We all have faced it at some point in our lives, and it seems like a nightmare. You have to reach somewhere urgent, and your ignition doesn’t turn, so if you are suffering from such an issue.

Have a look at the simple solutions to solve it:

Keep turning the steering wheel

It is one of the most common reasons which will prevent your car key from turning as your steering wheel is locked. This happens if you move the steering wheel after taking out the key from the ignition cylinder. Once the key turns and the steering wheel gets unlocked, your car should start. If not, then your vehicle is suffering from a severe issue. 

Lubricate lock

It is also one of the prevalent causes that the keyway of your car’s ignition cylinder is jammed. Try lubricating the lock, and most probably, your issue will resolve.  
Rapping your car key:
Other than the lubrication, try something severe to un-jam your car’s lock. Shaking or rapping the internal components in the lock might help to resolve the issue. Use a tool to create some vibration. To get inside the lock, move the car key while shaking it a bit. 

Fix the car keys in Edmonton

Sometimes you try hard to turn in the ignition, but it doesn’t work, which means your key is either broken or severely torn. So it would help if you visited the auto locksmith near me for fixing the car keys
The professional locksmiths can bring blanks and key cutters for all types of car keys. A new key can be duplicated from the code by the professional locksmith. The dealership might charge you several dollars for replacing the keys, but the locksmiths can deliver you at affordable rates and that too in less time.  
Try replacing the car keys with duplicate ones. A professional locksmith near you, like Omega Locksmith, can help you repair the broken keys. There are specific ways to replicate the keys, including transponder key programming. Get a programmed key extraction or opt for the program auto keys by contacting your car dealer or visit the locksmith. 
With the modern locking system in cars, ignitions are not made with cylindrical, round pins. The auto locks are now based on a wafer system that splits down in the center to accommodate your car key when sliding it in. 
Ignition wafers are either two-piece or one-piece, which can get jammed or damaged, which means you might need help from a professional locksmith.  

With each ignition turn in, the car keys edges are forced to get into the wafers correctly for your car to start. Over a certain period, these thin edges of the keys wear out and are no longer able to turn in the ignition. Have a look at your keys, whether they have worn out or not. The new keys come with crisp, sharp edges while old keys are rounded with soft edges.  

Replacing the ignition cylinder

If the ignition doesn’t turn in, then your car is suffering from a faulty ignition cylinder. You need to visit a professional locksmith like Omega Locksmith to help you with ignition repair and ignition replacement in Edmonton.
If your ignition cylinder is not working correctly and you plan to replace it, then bear in mind that all new car keys come with computerized chips, which means they need to be programmed. Take the keys to the locksmith, pin them up to the existing car keys to avoid any additional costs for car keys and programming.  

Call locksmith near me in Edmonton

When your key doesn’t turn in the ignition after doing these tricks, you surely need to contact a professional and expert locksmith. Locksmiths can help you resolve the issue where the key won’t turn in the ignition.  
Are you worried that your locksmith will charge you several bucks? Then don’t worry. Contact Omega locksmith as they offer affordable pricing and help you with ignition repair and ignition replacement. 
Diagnosing why your keys won’t turn into ignition is the best way to fix this daunting issue. If you are unable to detect this issue, then it’s best to contact the locksmith professionals. Calling a nearby locksmith is the best solution to get rid of this complicated situation.  

The best part! Omega locksmiths are best in terms of skills and resolving such situations.
Other than the issues mentioned above, if your ignition sticks, it’s high time to consult the locksmith and schedule an appointment for testing keys, ignition, and door lock whether they need any repair or replacement. 
For all your car key issues, contact Omega locksmith now as they are a team of professional experts dedicated to delivering the best to their clients. 

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